The Crew

Chance- My honey also frequently known as Chanceman. He is a wonderful husband who never stops encouraging me in my endeavors.  He is also my photographer when I have the patience to wait before posting to my blog!

TMJ-My BFF. We encourage each other, work on projects together, and we spend WAY too much time shopping. I was going to specify that we spend too much time shopping at craft stores but that isn't true, we can spend hours in ANY store.

Preview: Flying High, Enemy at 3 o'clock! | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Tervlon- TMJ's husband. He is a huge LEGO fan. He is incredibly talented and his love of LEGOs inspires me constantly.

The YMCs- The girls from my church. They are fun, outgoing, hardworking, and hilarious. Half the time I blog just for them!


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