Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Purse Organizers

In case you missed my guest post over at I Heart My Glue Gun...

So, about a year ago I got tired of all the stupid Member Cards and Club Cards that I had to keep on hand to get discounts. I felt like they were taking over my purse and, worst of all, that I could never actually find the one I wanted. Then I had a thought..."I wonder if these cards would fit into my Altoids container?"

I dumped out the mints and started dropping my cards in. Because of the lip on the tin they had to be finagled in but they fit. I was thoroughly pleased with myself.

Then, a month or two ago I got a new purse and I realized I had a similar problem but with new items. I literally planned on going to the store and buying a bunch of Altoids to make new packages. I saw an idea at Running with Glitter where she decorated the tin.  I planned to use that to differentiate between the three tins.

I got to the store and, on a whim, looked at the travel size items and I found a very small first aid kit and a travel box of Q-Tips. Oh my goodness. Yes, Please! The Q-Tip containers came in different colors too, so that made my job easier.

I am using the First Aid kit as it was intended but with a few adjustments. Using a contact lens case, I created storage for pain medication.

I added a spare contact lens, special Band-Aids for blisters, safty pins, and a Midol...cause you know, I'm crazy sometimes!

I started storing all my stupid member savings card things in one of the Q-Tip containers. I'm storing all my gift cards in the other one.

That left me with an empty Altoids Tin. I lined it with some thin padding material. I had intended to use moleskin but Chance placed an order for some photo prints and they were packaged with a thin sheet of padding that I thought was perfect. I cut it and used double sided tape to stick it in the container. Now, my unassuming Altoids tin is the perfect storage container for...

you'll never believe it...

it's brilliant (if I do say so myself)

my iPod and ear buds!


Now my purse has four small containers instead of tons of random crap!


  1. And it leaves your iPod smelling minty fresh! Fun!

  2. I just LOVE this idea! Ever since I read this post, I have been searching far and wide for Altoids containers or something like it, but no luck! Could you send me some? ;) (I dont think so since I live outside the USA) or do you have any tips where to find some containers like it?

  3. I LOVE this idea....especially for the ipod and earbuds!! Would you link it up this week??

  4. I have seen things like this before but I don't like Altoids. LOL So right after Christmas I stocked up on Gift Card tins. They were about a quarter apiece. I love the idea for the ipod. I will be making that one shortly.
    Found you from HoH

  5. Jess, thanks so much for your idea. Gift card tins! Brilliant!

  6. coming to you from ttandj...Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing!! I am happy to be your newest follower. PLease stop by for book club if you're interested--connie, measuredbytheheart.com



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