Sunday, May 29, 2011

No Reply?

I LOVE comments on my blog. I also LOVE replying to those comments. Some people have their blogger accounts set up in such a way to prohibit people from replying. Jodi at Pleasant Home wrote a great post about how to fix that. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I'd like to copy her work. She even created a button to spread the word! You can see it on my sidebar. Thanks Jodi for all your hard work!
Here is what you need to know:

Are you a No-Reply Blogger? This post is a little lengthy but well worth it! 


What is a NO-REPLY blogger? 

1. Suzie leaves a comment on Jodi's blog asking a question.

2. Jodi has all her comments sent directly to her email. 

3. Jodi checks her email and reads Suzie's question. Jodi
 clicks reply. Shazam! Up pops Suzie's name but instead of her email address, it say's NO-REPLY. Argh! 

4. Suzie doesn't have an Email associated with her blogger blog/blogger profile. Which means no one can reply to any of the comments or questions that she leaves. Boo Hoo. 

You may not even know that you are a NO-REPLY blogger. No worries. 

Follow these instructions to see if you are a NO-REPLY blogger: 

Sign in to Blogger and bring up your Dashboard or Profile Page. Click on EDIT PROFILE.

See the third box down (SHOW MY EMAIL ADDRESS) there should be a check mark in it.

Scroll down; see the section titled IDENTITY. See the box labeled EMAIL ADDRESSYour Email address should be in that box. 

If there is no email in that box or if you don't have the Show My Email Address box checked. You are a NO-REPLY blogger. 

ARGUMENT often heard from NO-REPLY bloggers: 

I DON'T want my personal email out there for the whole world to see....

Good News! You don't have to. You can set up a "generic" email address to be associated with your blog. (You just need to remember to check it often) (especially if you leave a comment or ask a question on another blog). 

CLICK HERE to see my profile. Notice below my photo there is a box labeled CONTACT. Just below that you will see a link that say's EMAIL. If you click on this link, you can email me. AND it also means that I have an email associated with my blog,,, so when I leave a comment on another blog, that blogger can email me a reply. (does your profile show an EMAIL link? If not.... You're a NO-REPLY blogger) 

And really the majority of "seasoned" bloggers will agree; It's good blogging etiquette to have an email associated with your blog. Especially if you're going to be blogging, commenting, asking questions, participating in Give Aways, etc. etc. etc. 

Here's your assignment for the day. Check your PROFILE. Are you a NO-REPLY blogger?
Yes? Well I would LoVe it, if you
 either use the email you already have, or set up a new "generic" email and put it in your profile. 

Use the instructions above to make sure your email is in your profile, and email me with any questions. CEPT! If you are a NO-REPLY. Please remember to put your email address in the body of your email. 


EDITED: (1/19/2011)
If you do not have a blog, just be sure and leave your email address in your comment. If you're unsure if you are a No-Reply Blogger. Leave a comment with your email, here. Ask me if you're a No Reply. If you don't hear back from me in a few days. Most likely, you are a No-Reply. 

It appears you have to have a blog in order to leave a comment. If you don't want to leave your email in your comments. Then I would suggest you create a dummy blog in blogger, and make sure your email is connected to your profile. I know a few readers who have done this. It's easy and will only take a few minutes. And if you ever decide to start blogging. Your blog will be ready to go. ;o) 

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  1. I changed my profile, but I am going back and forth about using my email address. I might set up a generic one soon. Thanks for the tip.



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