Friday, February 25, 2011

Monica's Closet

So if you watched Friends my intro might make sense to you. If not, here's a little background:

On Friends there is a character named Monica (played by Courtney Cox). She is very Type A, super organized, and clean. However, there is a closet in her apartment that no one has ever seen. Eventually, curiosity gets the better of another character, Chandler, and he breaks into the mystery closet.

It is, obviously, packed to the rim with crap. It's her secret shame. I LOVE this episode. I am totally a Monica. I love organization, order, and cleanliness. I'm so organized that I sort other people's stuff.

**Tangential comment**When I go shopping with Tana I organize the stuff she picks out to try on. I'm bossy enough to get her to try on like items so she can avoid buying things that are too similar. Once, while staying the night with our friends Bryan and Emilie, I reorganized all their books so that non-fiction and fiction were not intermingled. It seemed to make sense at the time but now that I have typed it out I realize I have issues. **End Tangent Here**

Almost everywhere you go in my apartment you will see things neatly organized. There are bins in our linen closet with cute little labels like; Skin Care, Medicine, and Hair Products. Our DVDs are alphabetized. We have one book shelf unit for Fiction and one for Non-Fiction. You get the idea.

Well, the top drawer of my bedside table is my "Monica's Closet." Every 6 months it gets too full to open. It's out of hand!! Anyway, I didn't have the presence of mind to take a picture of the drawer before but I did take a picture of its contents.

Yeah. Intense.

Again, I regret not taking a picture of the process. I sorted into piles: meds, books and papers, lotions, and misc. You should have seen the piles. I had 4 bottles of lotion, 5 crossword puzzle books, 11 bottles of meds/vitamins. AUGH. Then I figured out what was trash, what could be put into a better home, and what made the cut to re-enter the drawer.

And...ta DA!

You can see the bottom! To give you an idea of my progress, the drawer is deep enough to hold a bottle of Bath and Body Works Lotion standing upright (as evidenced by the bottle of Exotic Coconut). Oh, and before you ask, YES...I do "take" Flintstones vitamins. :)

I kind of felt inspired by Thrifty Decor Chick to share with you my insanity. Maybe this will inspire one of you to buckle down and organize your own space. Even if you only get to one drawer it feels so good! It's lovely. Or maybe you'll open a completely disorganized closet and thank your lucky stars you aren't crazy like me!

I know that those of you with small kids are shaking your heads at my OCDism regarding books and DVDs. I'm sure I'll relax but I pray to have the power to brainwash my children into tiny little alphabetizers.

If I get enough interested feedback I will take pictures of places like under my bathroom sink, my bookshelves, and linen closet so you can see evidence of my organizational habits. Oh and if you ever want help organizing something, you know who to call. I LOVE it!


  1. I LOVE that episode too! You should meet my co-worker Missy who has a label maker and labels everything in her house. It is fabulous and I am totally like that too!

  2. I am really enjoying your blog, Jenny! This is my favorite post so far, since it's all about organization ;-) I'm also quite jealous that you got to meet Jack Hannah and the babies!

  3. Julie, shouldn't your favorite post be the one I wrote about YOU!? That's why we love you though!



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