Friday, February 25, 2011

You're my inspiration! Thrifty Decor Chick

I follow a blog called Thrifty Decor Chick. The blogger, Sarah, is a super cool girl who finds and shares clever ways to inexpensively spice up the decor in your home. She is the master of replicating Pottery Barn on the cheap. I have already used a couple of her ideas around my house. This post, though, is not how I used her ideas but how her blog inspired me to try to become my own Thrifty Decor Chick.
I went to Target today. If you're not already chuckling then you must have more self-control than I do.
Target has a Dollar section that I scour thoroughly every time I go to there. They are awesome about having very inexpensive holiday items, kids stuff (like coloring books and stickers), and paper products like planners and cards. I spent WAY more today than I normally do in that section but I am so danged excited about my purchases. Enough suspense, here's what we got.
I have almost no Valentine's Day decor. I usually don't like the style of store-bought Valentine items. I got all four of these items for around my house. The words are about 2" thick and will stand on their own. They are glittery but they aren't frilly. The font is still classic. Can you believe I found each of these items for $2.50?! I spent $10 and I have cute stuff to add all over my living room.
Next, I found this adorable, tiny mailbox. It came in white, red, or pink. How much? $1.00. Yup. ONE DOLLAR. For the record it came completely plain but it has a working flag!
So I decided I would add an interactive decor feature this year. I used stickers to write "Love Notes" on the side of the mailbox. Then, I put scrapbook paper, stationary, markers, stickers, and scissors into a box that I wrapped in Valentine type wrapping paper. Anyone who feels so inclined can write a note and leave it in the tiny mailbox. I think it will be a fun way for Chance and I to send little love notes around the holiday. I already owned the scissors and the markers but everything else was purchased at Target today.
It cost me a total of $9. It contains 9 items from that dollar section including the mailbox. There are 2 sets of heart stickers, 3 sets of alphabet stickers, 1 container of brads, an 8 pk of small cards with envelopes, and Valentine's Day paper. The paper came in 16 pre-cut 5x7 sheets.
Finally, I got some scrapbooking supplies. I got 2 sets of really cute 12x12 paper (8 sheets each, half are embossed), 3 sets of 7x7 metallic sheen paper, and two more sets of alphabet stickers.
Here are some pictures of the individual items:
All the papers:
The alphabet stickers:
The embellishments:
Finally, the little cards and the wrapping paper. I'm really excited about the wrapping paper. The dollar section sells these rolls that are shorter than normal. They have 40 sq feet of paper and it only cost $1!! I am certain I can use this paper for a number of things besides Valentine's. What a great find!
So, total I spent $27 on new Valentine's Day stuff. If you're not a scrapbooker but you liked everything else you would really only be looking at spending $20.
So, thank you TDC for helping me look at the world a little differently. I can't wait until February so I can show you how these items look in the house.

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