Friday, February 25, 2011

You're my inspiration! Organizement

Hello friends. I want to share a couple of websites with you that particularly inspire me. (To avoid super long posts I will only talk about one website per post.) I know what you're thinking. "Um, Jenny. You haven't posted about Christmas yet. Why are you jumping to something else?" I know. I know. While I AM excited to blog about some cool things that happened in December my mind is already in January. Part of me is actually already mentally blogging about Valentines Day. :) Anywho! You will get your Christmas updates in due time. Until then, let me tell you about Julie.
Recently, I blogged about some of my organizational habits. Organizing comes naturally to me. I see the world in categories. But even I need some fresh ideas every once in a while. My friend, Julie, is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers in the Metro Atlanta Area. She maintains a blog, Organizement, where she gives tips and advice on how to keep your home more organized. The link I provided goes to a specific post that I LOVED.
She told me about a program run by St. Jude's Ranch for Children.
You can donate the fronts of your old greeting cards to their program and they re-use them to make new cards. Chance and I always hang all the cards we receive on the back of our front door. It allows us to add decor to a big white spot in the room and we get to appreciate the cards people send for much longer. At the end of the season though, I hate the feeling of throwing the cards away! I was so happy to learn about re-using the cards. So, unless your Christmas card had your picture on it, it has been sent off to benefit sick children.
This is just one of the many ideas that she shares on her blog. I LOVE it! Thanks for all the ideas Julie!

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  1. Oh sweet Jenny! I never even saw this one! I need to blog more. I plan to do that very soon. Anyway, there's also a cool program to send your recently expired coupons to military bases. They allow them to use them up to 6 months past the date. :)
    I love all your quirkiness and OCD behaviors :)



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