Sunday, July 10, 2011

Guesting Game

I am thrilled, THRILLED I tell you. Why? Oh, nothing much...I'm just guest posting at

today! Yeah, that's right. Someday Crafts!

I absolutely love this blog! Michelle, the author, just had a beautiful baby and she selected me as a guest poster.

I had intended to beef up my blog with more posts in anticipation of this totally exciting turn of events, but I put way too much pressure on myself. I think part of the reason I reached this mental block is because I don't have a house to fix up. I can't really change out light fixtures and redo the bathroom. So all of my craftiness is limited to actual crafts.With the loss of my workroom I have been in a total slump.

But trust me, the post for Someday Crafts is, in my humble opinion, one of my best projects to date.
I figured out a way to make a Hair Supply Organizer out of this...

Don't miss it!


  1. WAY COOL!!! Going to go check it out now!! Oh and you can come help me change light fixtures in my house anytime ;-) haha!

  2. Hair supply organizer - can't wait - mostly to find out what the heck that is - and why my hair needs supplies. I thought I just needed shampoo (which I just found out is making me fat)a hairbrush, and my famous 40 year old hot rollers.



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