Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Time!

Yes indeed. I got out the blocks again. I don't regret it one bit!

TMJ pinned this:

From A Diamond in the Stuff. It made me feel inspired again. I had literally gone to AC Moore (a craft store) and capitalized on a sale just a few days prior to this pin. I just happened to have purchased some cute, summery scrapbook paper. So when I saw this all I had to do was cut the paper and the letters. I only have 4 Cricut Cartridges so you'll start to recognize my font choices. This particular font was also used for Valentine's Day.

I grabbed these two buckets that I picked up at Target around Easter for $2 each. (I hate lining up so many prepositional phrases. It throws off my groove!)*

Anywho. I gave our beloved lowboy a summer flair. I attacked the top of the entertainment center too but that will have to wait for another post!

*Because I am still a teacher at heart I will clarify the prepositional phrases. 
I grabbed these two buckets that I picked up at Target around Easter for $2 each
#1- at Target
#2- around Easter
#3- for $2 each


  1. Adorable! Your summer blocks just might be my favorite blocks so far :) And I love the cute! Btw, did you see those pencil socks I pinned and tagged (or tryed to tag) you in?

  2. adorable! And your clarification cracked me up! You must DIE when you read my blog. I am apologizing in advance for all my future grammatical errors!



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