Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Great Big Thank You

You might remember that I won a giveaway at eighteen25. Well, last week my beautiful purse arrived, and I absolutely LOVE it!! I wanted to get a picture with it, but I also wanted to look cute. Strangely, that took a while to happen! At any rate, we went at saw a 9/11 Memorial performance of the Mormon Choir of Washington D.C. As usual the Chanceman was taking loads of pictures. I went ahead and jumped into one since I had my hair done. I'm pretty happy with the result. 

Thanks to Jamie, Jen, and Jodie for an amazing purse and the little rush of winning something! Check out their blog. It is one of the absolute BEST!


  1. Aw Jenny... YOU'RE THE BEST!! And you look fabulous!! Congrats again.

  2. You look adorable - I LOVE your hair and the purse becomes you.



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