Friday, September 16, 2011

This is in the Bag!

Chance and I were lucky enough to be able to go to the Congressional Baseball Game. It is a game in which Democrat Congressmen play Republican Congressmen in a charity baseball game. 

When we walked in all kinds of companies started handing us free merchandise (SWAG!)
C-SPAN (the channel on which you can watch what is happening on the floor of the House) gave us these messenger bags. 

We're going on a vacation soon and I think the messenger bag is the fanny packs cooler, younger brother. So I really think these could come in handy. Sorry, C-SPAN, I don't really want to advertise for you! So I placed thick cardboard under the logo and used plain ol' masking tape around the edge. 

I painted two coats of white acrylic paint over the logo to get a nice base. I mixed the white with a Textile Medium, which is just a liquid you can mix with acrylic paint to help it bond to fabric and become washable.Then I went crazy with aqua paint. I painted one whole box aqua and then part of the second box.

I decided to go with monograms. I just eyeballed it because I'm kinda lazy and I like immediate results. :)
I made mine a black cursive and Chance's a blue Arial type font.

When I took the tape off I saw that I had a little leakage. Not surprising really since I used masking tape...*hangs head in shame*

Anywho, I just touched up the edges with black.

Here's our end result! Maybe not show room perfect, but it was FREE! And it allowed us to carry stuff on our vacation without a purse or a heavy backpack or heaven forbid an actual fanny pack.


  1. Super super cute and thrifty! P.S. Where are you guys vacationing?

  2. We went to St. Thomas a couple of weeks ago. I'll be blogging about it soon!

  3. Genius! I think they look awesome. I love the colors.

  4. What do you have against fanny packs? In THIS family, we are all about the fanny - we refer to it as the BUTT



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