Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Adventures with Spray Paint: The Mirror

In our multi-purpose room (Library/Guest Room/Craft Room) I have a really large mirror that has been painted silver and antiqued a little. *It was given to me but one of my MIL's best friends, Jill. Thanks Jill!

TMJ and I were sitting in there after I bought the ORB spray paint and it struck me that I should go ahead and paint the mirror too.

I looked in my Box 'O Spray Paint and I recently bought Rustoleum Aqua for another project. I looked around the room and realized that the decor of the room included that great aqua color. Why am I thinking about painting this ORB when it obviously needs to go Aqua?!

After my adventures in spray painting with the Shower Caddy Redo, I was really apprehensive. I prepped my mirror with painters tape around the edges. Then I taped pieces of paper over the rest of the mirror. While I did this, I watched the weather. The sun was shining, and there wasn't a single leaf moving on the trees.

I also bought these really cute plant stakes from Target. I have more to tell you about them later, but for now all you need to know is that they were getting painted too.

I bought Chance a new body pillow this week and I saved the bag. How cheesy is that? Anyway, I cut it open and used it as a make-shift tarp. I learned from the past though, I brought out a ton of spray paint cans to hold down every inch of the stupid thing!

So I get all set up outside guessed it...the wind starts. People, this mirror is heavy! Seriously. And you know me. You know how this is going to go. Am I going to give up and go back inside? Nope. That's why you love me.

Here we are after a couple of coats. Again, the sun was really bright so I couldn't see the pictures as I was taking them.

Did you catch the loyal flip-flops in the back? Yeah, they survived ORB unscathed but they have a hint of aqua now. :)

Here she is back inside where she belongs. Look at how cool the silhouettes of the birds look!

This is totally inspiring. I will be doing a project in the future where I use spray paint to create art this way. I don't have a plan yet, but trust me it will happen.

And here is the final product on the wall. See the amazing quilt in the background? I'll tell you more about it when I revisit the story of the birds.

*Disclaimer: I did see a mirror like this on House of Hepworths. Allison inspires me ALL the time. However, this idea really did come to me exactly the way I said.

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  1. Ah - so disappointed that you will be working soon, and will have less time for these creative blogs. It totally made me want to find a mirror to paint.

  2. It definitely needed to go aqua!! :) It's beautiful!! redesigned your's beautiful!! Thanks for linking!

  3. I am featuring your mirror this week on Thrifty Thursday! :)



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