Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sharing Time

Hello my dear friends! How I have missed you.
A few things have kept me from chatting with you lately.

I started a new job last Monday and I am learning how to complete all my old chores and tasks in far less time. Thus, I haven't done anything crafty in the last week. :(

I also went the entire first week without internet access. By the time I got home, had dinner, and read all the blogs I follow it was time for bed! Maybe I follow too many blogs...? Anyway, that left me no time to do anything creative for myself. However, the problem has been remedied and I can now read blogs at work. That should help immensely.

Here I am on my first day. Are you impressed by the lovely cracked sidewalk in front of our apartment building? I am, because cracks like these take a special level of not giving a crap.

My allergies have been horrible. It was incredibly embarrassing but I actually had to call in sick yesterday because my eyes were swollen to the point that I could barely open them. I was in bed with an ice pack on my face until noon. I took some Benedryl and drank a Coke to stay awake. Then I set out to rid my home of allergens. I vacuumed and washed our bedding. I had made a previous attempt on Saturday by attacking our window sills with Lysol Wipes. I refuse to dust. I am going to get my darling Chanceman to take care of that for the next few weeks.

So, hopefully as I get into the swing of things I will once again be posting regularly. I am working on another post right now that I think I can finish by the end of the day. I also have a finished post that I want to post on Friday. So, you'll be hearing more from me!


  1. Good luck! I know it's hard when life is so busy. But you looked great for your first day on the new job! :-)

  2. Ahhh you look so cute! Hope you're enjoying your new job and feeling better. I hate allergies!!



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