Monday, April 18, 2011


Oh my gosh people. It's been crazy around here. I started my new job today (more on that later) so I spent last week trying to finish up a big item on my To Do list: Cleaning/Organizing the Multi-Purpose Room.

I finally convinced Chanceman to go through 4 totes full of his stuff. Our totes of random crap were taking over our multipurpose room. One of the many random things from my honey's youth that was rolling around a tote. Of course, when he finally said I could get rid of something and I was like, "Wait! I can do something cool with that!!"

Anyway, since I felt like I spent more time cleaning the room than using the room I knew that a purge needed to occur. Chance surprised me by getting 4 totes down to 2. I was able to clear out 2 boxes as well. So now all our storage actually fits in the closet!

Insert Happy Dance Here.

No. Seriously. Get up and dance. It'll make you feel good! :)

So I spent all day Thursday and Friday cleaning and organizing that room.

TMJ and I spent Friday evening/night preparing for a baby shower that I threw on Saturday. She got a Silhouette machine and this was our inaugural run. It's so cool!

I got up at the crack of dawn to finish prepping for the shower. Afterward I went with shopping TMJ. Chance and I spent the evening babysitting for some friends. This baby is so irresistible that TMJ and Tervlon came over to see her!

Before I keeled over I stared at this little box for 2 hours trying to read all the stuff on my Reader. I can't believe how much piled up over the 2.5 crazy days that I pretty much ignored my computer.

I also may have made time for a little pig killin'.

Whoa. I didn't notice the cleavage until just now. Don't look! Perv!
Ha ha. You looked. I'm shocked!

So you can expect posts from me on:
Multi-Purpose Room Organizational Tips
Baby Shower Greatness
Shopping with TMJ
and An Award... :)


  1. Ohh what's the award? Haha Chanceman?!? That's classic.

  2. your cleavage looks like a baby's bum



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