Friday, April 29, 2011

Mr. Bluebird on My Shoulder

For those of you who don't know, Chance and I lost our son, Elijah, two years ago today.

One of my MIL's best friends, Julie, made a blanket for him to be wrapped in for his burial.

In the corner, she stitched a bluebird. She told us that she wanted us to be able to think of him any time we saw one. She chose a bluebird because they are neither too common, nor too rare.

The bluebird is, without question, the greatest gift Chance and I have been given to remember our son. Every time we see one it is a special moment for us.

I decided that, for April, I wanted the decor around our house to incorporate more bluebirds. I also wanted to create a special memento for our families.

I bought this guy at Micheal's:

I bought myself this necklace and I bought Chance these cuff links.

Finally, when I saw these in the Target dollar section I saw great potential.

I bought Aqua spray paint and I painted them when I redid my mirror.

I tried to take the stakes off of them because my goal was to glue pins to the back. I wanted our family members to have bluebird pins to wear if/when they want to. However, I learned that despite being super cheap the stakes were soldered on. We tried a number of things that basically failed. So, maybe my FIL can help us figure it out next time we're in Georgia.

It's the thought that counts!

I promised I would tell you about the awesome quilt in this photo. Around a year after we lost Elijah, our friends, Jade and Claire, sent us this quilt. They wanted to be able to send us a hug from Utah. So now, whenever we wrap up in it we can imagine a hug from them. It is amazing. Here is a better shot of the quilt in it's glory. I made the curtains to match.

We feel very blessed to have such thoughtful friends who have helped us find wonderful ways to remember our son.


  1. I love the necklace and cufflinks. I've been thinking of you two all day!

  2. thinking about you both all day. we're so lucky to have you as friends and fir all your support for our family. Hopefully we can be there for you with prayers, thoughts, time and love when you need it.

  3. I hope that you guys are doing well. I think that it's amazing that you use these symbols to remember your son.

  4. Julie did indeed give all of us a gift when she made the blanket with the blue bird. As she said, "When you see a bluebird, don't think "why", think "who". And, I never see a bluebird that I don't think of my precious grandson, Elijah, and his wonderful parents.

    Love you.

  5. What a fabulous gift you were given in the time of tragedy. Thanks so much for sharing this story. I found you thru I heart my glue gun and now I am a follower. Have a blessed day!



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