Friday, April 1, 2011

One Month?! Already?

Technically I started this blog on February 25th. However, all the posts were simply re-posts from my personal blog. March 1st was the first time I posted any new, original content. One month later and so much has happened!

Now you can find An Apple for the Crafter on:
and in the Blog Guidebook.

You can even grab a button! (You'll find the code on the side!)

For those of you that follow us through a form of RSS, make sure you take a minute to visit my blog. I got a makeover! Krystal, from Sassy Sanctuary, did an AMAZING job personalizing everything. We have an email chain that is 87 emails long! She was SO nice. I worry that I was a little picky, but she didn't hesitate to make tweaks on anything that I asked. Her prices are incredible and, I think you'll agree, the quality can't be beat.
Krystal didn't ask me for a plug. I haven't been compensated in anyway for this endorsement. I paid full price people! She's just that great.

I promise more crafts are coming soon. I have all kinds of plans that involve spray paint, but I can't get the weather to cooperate!

**If you haven't checked out the Blog Guidebook, you are missing out! It is a great directory for all things blogland!


  1. Ahhh... you are so sweet. Thanks for the shout out. I think its super cute too and am so glad you are happy. Was it really 87 emails? holy cow! haha

  2. I love the new design--it speaks very much to your cute but mature style!

  3. Hey Jenny! Blog looks awesome! I just wanted to stop by and say hello and check you out ;-) You are so sweet. And that your husband of yours is a man lol! I hope you can make it to the next brunch. I will give you a heads up if I hear anything! Oh and I reply to all my comments through my gmail account but your profile isn't linked to your email instead it says no-reply blogger. Which means if I respond through email you won't get it. Most people don't even know about this! If you want to fix it I can forward you a link to show you how :-) Keep in touch!

  4. LOVE the new look! So polished. And anything with argyle gets me every time. Congrats on the success of your blog so far. It's fun following!

  5. Oh - I'm so thrilled that my greatness is rubbing off on you. You're like my daughter - oh wait, you are my daughter. Love you - love the blog - love the update. Just feeling the love

  6. it looks great! she did mine too!



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