Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Multi-Purpose Room

Do any of you remember the term Cafe-Gym-Atorium? It was the word that we used before "Multi-Purpose Room" came into vogue. Well, when you live in a small, two-bedroom apartment you find ways to make rooms and decor serve multiple purposes.

Chance took a picture of my friends and I crafting the other night. We are on the floor of our second bedroom, in between two desks and a futon. I can't wait until I have a garage!

When I buy things I have to think hard about where we can store it. So if I can make one item serve multiple holidays it can more easily earn a coveted place in my closet.

I recently bought this pot to be used as the pot of gold for St. Patrick's Day. It will also serve as a cute little cauldron for Halloween! It took me forever to find just the right pot. Actually, I never did. I had to paint this one. It was quite the adventure. You'll hear all about it soon!

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