Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rag Quilt Care Sheet

This obviously has a lot of our own flair but you can feel free to copy as much as you like! This is corresponding to the next post, my Rag Quilt Tutorial.
Me working on a rag quilt...

Apparently you have done something to merit a gift! Perhaps you are now a parent? Maybe you’re another year older? Is it Christmas/Hanukkah? In any event, the Hammocks have given you a rag quilt for some reason. Yahoo! There are a couple of things you might want to know about the care of your treasured gift.

1. It has been washed and dried twice. We used All Free and Clear Detergent just in case you have an allergy or you are using this on a baby. We did not use liquid fabric softener but we did use a mildly scented dryer sheet (Bounce Brand).

2. Both times it was dried it filled up our lint trap. This is not uncommon. Since the edges are frayed it can take a few washes before it stops shedding and creating lint balls the size of small animals.

3. To clean it up after its second washing we used a lint roller and a sweater shaver. You probably won’t need to do this since it looks fine after being washed, but we wanted it to look brand new for you!

**TIP: When you wash it for the first time: wash it alone. If you suspect it will create a balance problem in your washer try washing it with a hand towel of a similar color. After you have washed and dried it you can determine if you will need to repeat this process. Hopefully not!

We hope you enjoy your gift. It was made especially for you!

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