Monday, March 7, 2011

Pot O' Gold Before and After

For St. Patrick's Day I have had a vision of a fantastic little pot of gold. I searched high and low trying to find just the right pot. I've been everywhere! I literally almost bought a black cereal bowl. I started getting a little desperate. Thankfully I took TMJ to Joann's. In the garden pots they had a very small version of EXACTLY what I wanted. It was just tiny! She had the vision to look at the larger ones with fresh eyes. We decided to paint the larger ceramic pots black!

I found this pretty little number at 30% off. I paid $6. I actually like her just the way she is but, alas, sacrifices have to be made.

TMJ got one too in a slightly different style. Her's was a dark blue to begin with so that made the process a little easier.

We bought a big bottle of black acrylic paint for $2 and a bottle of "Glass and Tile Medium" it was $2.50 but I used a coupon :) The Glass and Tile Medium is crucial. If you don't use it, the paint won't stick to the pot. You can buy paint that basically has the medium already mixed in but it is more expensive and smaller. I will use the black paint for way more projects and by buying them separately we were able to paint three pots.

Here is the set up. As always, on my multi-purpose room floor.

The instructions say to clean the surface with alcohol before painting. Don't forget this step! After it is cleaned, you apply one coat of the medium. We found that it was bubbly. That may have been because we used sponge brushes. I made sure to get plenty of the medium on the pot and then smoothed out the bubbles with my brush. It took patience but it was worth it. Then you let that thoroughly dry. (We ate dinner with the boys and watched a little TV before checking on the progress.)

After the medium is dry, you can apply your first coat of paint.

Here is the lovely TMJ painting her pot. Mine is in the foreground.

A close up of our little lady after just one coat of black.

I decided to throw in the leprechaun to reinforce the vision. I really like the style of TMJs pot but it was just a little too small for me. It will be the perfect cauldron come October!

I patiently applied a second, and later a third coat of black paint before finishing the process with a second coat of the medium. The instructions ask you to allow the medium to cure for 2 weeks (as opposed to baking). Since we aren't exactly eating out of the pot I allowed it to cure for two days before adding the gold.

I added a little craft foam to the bottom and then covered it with gold beads and gold pirate coins I got at the dollar store. Later I bought a bag of bite sized Twix (They are wrapped in gold and are Hubby's fave!) and added those to the top. Target had gold wrapped chocolate coins but they were pretty expensive.

I finally added a rainbow to the whole set up by using water colors to paint an 8x8 canvas. Since I have no mantle the whole set up is on my favorite piece of furniture, our lowboy.

The pot of gold looked cuter when gold showed over the top but for some reason all the Twix have disappeared!

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  1. What a great idea! So often, I have to give up if I can't find what I need "ready-made", but this is so do-able and affordable! Thanks for posting the tutorial!

  2. This was so much fun and super easy--thanks to you, Jenny! It adds so much to the decor and gives me so much more confidence in my crafting!

  3. Cute! I kind of skipped the whole St. Patty's Day decor, but sometimes I wish I didn't. Looks great. Thanks for joining the party!


  4. Talked to Jill today on the way home. She went on and on about how much she enjoys this blog. I think she likes you too :-)

  5. I LOVE this!! I would love for you to share it at my Linky Party!



  6. So cute!! :) Thanks for auditioning for OMTWI! Be sure to put the button in your post or sidebar! :)

  7. Thank you for linking up this great post last week! {Im a lil behind, eeekk!}

    Its party time AGAIN!!! xoxokara




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