Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You're my inspiration! Live 2 Craft

For my final installment of the "You're my Inspiration" series I would like to highlight my friend Erin at Live 2 Craft.
She is always trying something new and sharing her ideas. We've been friends since high school and I feel so lucky to have known her for so long.

Thanks to her, and her incredible blog, I am a rag quilt sewing maniac! Take a look at some of my most recent creations that she helped inspire.

A rag quilt for our nephew. He hasn't been born yet but he's already got plenty of people hunched over sewing machines on his behalf!

A fun one for our friends J & J (actually for their new little miracle CJ.) I had never done the rectangle pattern before and I loved it. I have two more quilts in the works that are using my newly discovered style.

Finally, a quilt for our friends. Their last name is Little and the pattern of this fabric says, "Little Buddy." So cute!!

I will include instructions on how to complete your own rag quilt in an upcoming post. I'll even include pictures of the process! Stay tuned.


  1. The pink one is my favorite - and CJ's too!

  2. Congrats on your new blog! It's a challenge but also such a great outlet. I'm excited to see all your cute crafts!

  3. Thank you!! I love your rag blankets and all the different designs you use, glad I could be some inspiration. I'm excited to see what else you come up with. I love the Valentines/St. Paddy Day blocks, so cute. I also love the picture of you and your friends crafting! So funny, because I've been there, done that as well. I'm with you, can't wait for a craft room or even a garage! Keep crafting and posting! (As a side note, I haven't forgotten your question about the pinwheels, I'm working on my 3rd technique in a quilt for the baby and if it works then I will post all three options!)

  4. These are super cute. I'd love to get the how-to so I don't go ruining fabric with my hodge podge guess =)

  5. Don't worry Kelli! I'm working on two rag quilts right now. I'm taking pictures of the process so I can give a thorough tutorial. Stay tuned!



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