Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Wreath

 Some friends and I were totally inspired when we saw this wreath on The Magic of Ordinary Things.

We had already taken care of St. Patty's day decor so we decided to use this idea for a new spring wreath. 
I had no idea how much fabric it would take so I went to see TMJ. We dove into her endless stash of scrap fabric and got a couple yards out just to be safe. 
Using my rotary cutter I cut strips that were roughly 3" by 1". I got bored so I only cut one yard of fabric. Using a metal hanger we made a circle shape and I set out to tie knots around the hanger. 

During this process I learned a couple of things. 
1. It's okay if your strips aren't all exactly the same; in fact it's good.
2. The next time I did this I cut the strips a little longer and a little thinner. Roughly 4" by 3/4." Next time I will cut them even thinner. 
3. A small wreath only took about 3/4 of a yard. 

I had used all red fabric on our practice wreath. So when I was done I jokingly bent it in the middle. I wanted TMJ to know how much I <3 her.

So, armed with this new knowledge I headed off to the fabric store. I found a really cute piece of scrapbook paper that felt very springy to me. I used it as my color inspiration. I got five fabrics.

I sat down in front of the TV that night and cut all five into strips. I divided them as best I could into five different bags. Then, the girls came over and we started tying.

Here's my wreath at the end of tying. I didn't like how big the circle was so I waited for inspiration to strike. 

Andrea and TMJ with their works-in-progress.

The always brilliant, Michelle, with her Easter Egg wreath. Now I feel inspired.

Michelle and I tied some of our strips together and then tied them to the wreath to create stripes. Can you believe that four women started out with the exact same materials and ended up with four completely different creations?!

I'll make sure to post a picture once it goes on the door!


  1. Jenny, those all look great!! I'm glad I was such an inspiration. What a fun project to do with the chickas. Thank You!!

  2. Really cute! I've been looking for some springy fun crafts! Love it!



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